Grain dryers Perry

    The international group of companies «PromInvestService» is the official representative of Perry Engineering Services Ltd (UK) in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries.

    Export of Perry shaft dryers is carried out all over the world. These grain dryers are used for drying all kinds of crops. The Perry company produced the first grain dryer in 1954. The development and production of all models of grain dryers is conducted in England. Perry offers a range of dryer capacities from 5 to 500 tons per hour, but it is always possible to make changes according to customer requirements.

 Why dryers manufactured by Perry:

  • All components of the dryers are made of pre-galvanized steel and are deep hot galvanized. During the manufacturing process, components with bright plating are used.
  • The special design of the sections makes it possible to dry evenly any raw material.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • High performance pneumatic unloading mechanism.
  • Reinforced design of all parts of the dryer.
  • Hot air chambers are heat-insulated.
  • The standard scope of supply also includes emergency unloading hatches.
  • The performance of the axial fans is controlled by means of inverters.
  • The dryer control system was developed by Perry on the basis of a PLC with a touchscreen.
  • Remote monitoring, control and diagnostics is carried out via the Internet.
  • The manufacturer provides full technical support of the equipment.
  • The dryer shaft can be either single or double (width varies from 2 to 8 meters).
  • The drying complex, which is owned by the manufacturer, makes it possible to conduct all kinds of tests and test innovations in the field of grain drying.


Grain shaft design

    The design of the grain shaft includes sections with incoming and outgoing air channels. Hot air is passed through this channel in the drying zone, and cold air is passed through the channel in the cooling zone. The grain moves vertically down the grain shaft, and as it moves downward, the moisture from grain is released to the air that passes through the channel.
    The grain shaft is made of galvanized steel, the thickness of which is 2 mm. The surface of the grain shaft is smooth, without protrusions, which avoids the accumulation of dust and straw residues, and, therefore, eliminate the possibility of congestion and sources of ignition. The thickness of the steel on the corner vertical posts is 5 mm.

  • Due to the conical shape of the grain dryer sections, the product is dried evenly.
  • The steel thickness of the upper sections of the grain dryer is 3 mm.
  • The grain shaft is equipped with level sensors that control the loading of the grain dryer. In addition, shaft is equipped with temperature sensors, which allows you to control the temperature and moisture content of the product. Depending on customer requirements, it is also possible to install flow sensors for measuring moisture content.
  • The shaft also has flaps for adjusting the ratio of the number of drying/cooling sections. Standard performance of dryers is indicated at 25-30% cooling.



    All Perry dryers are equipped with pneumatic dischargers, the main distinguishing feature of which is high productivity and durability. Under the pneumatic discharging mechanisms, discharging bunkers are installed.

  • The entire discharging system is made of galvanized steel.
  • Double pistons on the discharge mechanisms are 2.3 and 4 meters. There are four pistons on the grain dryer discharge mechanism, which are 5.6 and 8 meters.
  • Pneumatic control panel, which is located in the side of the discharge mechanism.
  • Ability to adjust the opening time and frequency of dischargers from the control panel of grain dryer. The thickness of the steel of the discharging bunkers is 3 mm.
  • Bunkers are equipped with inspection hatches.
  • Each hopper is equipped with a manual flap to control the amount of product on the discharge conveyor.
  • The scope of delivery does not include a compressor.


Fuel and burners

    Depending on the customer’s wishes, Perry dryers can be equipped with a mechanism for both direct and indirect heating through the heat exchanger.

Fans and silencers

    Perry offers three options for installing axial fans: front, lateral and vertical.
    In addition, fans can be equipped with:

  • dust-proof dampers with pneumatic control;
  • protective weather flaps;
  • silencers;
  • CentriKleen dust collectors.

    CentriKleen is an effective and at the same time an easy way to eliminate problems in the release of dust and chaff from your grain dryer. It can be installed on existing axial fans of all models of grain dryers.

  • Additional engine power is not required.
  • Collect up to 95% of visible dust and chaff.
  • Additional steel supports are not required.
  • Absence of moving parts.
  • Fully galvanized construction.
  • Dust and chaff can be collected in a truck or dustbin.
  • Models for axial fans with a diameter of 1 m and 1.25 m are now offered.
  • Harper Adams University completed a full independent evaluation of CentriKleen performance. You can get the full report on request.

    Perry offers a range of solutions to adjust the performance of fans, which will allow to dry without loss even the lightest crops, such as rapeseed, flax, etc.:

  • The standard delivery set includes inverters that control the performance of the fans, which in turn will reduce or increase the airflow.
  • Grain dryer models, which are equipped with several fans, have an embedded fan shut-off function in the PLC panel. To enable this option, it is necessary to install flaps on the fans.


Access and cleaning of the grain dryer

    As the grain dryers were developed, the key task was to provide the most efficient drying process, however, regardless of the design, a large amount of factors appears during the drying process, which requires cleaning the equipment (dust, chaff, etc.).
    Access and cleaning in Perry dryers is provided by:

  • Large doors in the discharge chamber. Through these doors, you can also clean the partitions above the discharger.
  • Inside the dryer, there is a large number of crossbeams, which can be used as a ladder to conduct cleaning and inspection of the grain dryer.
  • Inspection windows in the discharge chamber, which allows you to control the amount of dust and chaff.


Light grain and chaff return system (LGCRS)

    This system is equipped with a pneumatic drive, and is installed in the bottom of the discharge chamber. This system was designed to reduce the accumulation of dust and other litter in the chamber. The operation of this system involves the periodic discharging of any product that could be caught from the grain shaft, and returning this product to the bulk of the grain. When using this system, there is no longer any need to remove grains and chaff from the sedimentation chamber.

  • This system is supplied as an option. This system can be installed on already existing dryers on the flap discharging mechanisms.
  • Only pneumatic drive that is connected to the dryer compressor.
  • Controlled by the PLC, therefore, the discharging frequency is adjustable.
  • Most effective when drying rapeseed or light seeds.
  • Chaff and light seeds are discharged directly into the discharge hoppers.
  • Pneumatic flap, due to which the airflow in the grain dryer is optimized, if the flap is in the closed position.


Dryers with double shaft

    The advantage of grain dryers with a double shaft is a high productivity, as well as the ability to use only one shaft, if the amount of grain is not enough. Also, it is possible to use one shaft for one crop, and a second shaft for another crop, which saves considerable time on unloading and reloading the dryer to switch to another crop.

Control panel of the dryer

    Perry has developed its own dryer control system:

  • 12” touchscreen;
  • software developed by the company;
  • simple Russian-language interface;
  • more than 70 alarms and messages;
  • automatic adjustment for different crops, as well as for crops with different moisture content;
  • the ability to add to the control panel other equipment at the elevator (bucket elevators, conveyors, separators, etc.).

Control panel features
    1) Automatic crop adjustment
This option allows you to specify the type of crop, the amount of moisture at the input and output, after which, based on the specified data, the program will display all temperatures and initial speed.
    2) Diagnostics
Alarm log and display of the current status on the panel allows for faster diagnosis of the faults.

    The grain dryer can be controlled directly from a computer or with an application that can be obtained (free of charge) via Google Play or iTunes.

  • Ability to send status reports via e-mail to specified e-mail addresses or text messages on the specified numbers.
  • Ability to control or monitor the condition of a grain dryer using any computer that has an Internet connection, remotely.
  • Ability for Perry engineers to connect remotely to diagnose the faults.
  • Ability to export all specified operating conditions and moisture content to Excel, and automatically generate reports based on this data.
  • Accounting of fuel consumption.