Solid fuel grain dryer

   Grain dryers run on such types of fuel as:

  • solid fuel (wood, straw, sunflower husks etc.);
  • gas;
  • diesel and furnace fuel;
  • steam.

   These grain dryers are designed for safe and highly effective drying of cereals, oilseeds and legumes, as well as seed. The annual output is six hundred grain dryers.


PromInvestService is a supplier of solid fuel grain dryers on the territory of Ukraine.


Variety of drying columns

    It should be noted that the manufacturer offers two types of drying columns. The first type of column is classical one with triangular boxes (grain dryer allows you to dry the grain, the contamination of which is one percent). This grain dryer allows drying of grain, the contamination of which is four percent. It is important that grain dryers can operate continuously with refrigeration system or without.


Solid fuel grain dryer

    Solid fuel grain dryer that can run on such types of fuel as wood, straw, wood chips, sunflower husks, bio waste etc. have been known on the territory of Ukraine for a long time. So, for example, wood grain dryers were widely spread on the territory of Ukraine during the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Our company is ready to present you an innovation – shaft grain dryer that is equipped with burners and heat generators. In the shaft grain dryers with burners, fuels such as natural gas, diesel fuel or propane-butane are used. In the shaft grain dryers with heat generators, fuels such as wood and other alternatives are used.


Heat generators

    Heat generators for solid fuels are produced using fire-resistant bricks. The internal metal framework is produced using cast iron. Such materials are purposely intended to ensure the highest reliability and durability. It should be noted that due to elaborate design, heat generators are highly inertial. They are capable of maintaining continuous temperatures in the range of 40 to 110 degrees. If you need to stop the drying process, you just need to transfer the heat generator from combustion mode to a glowing mode, after which excess heat is diverted from the chimney.

    Grain dryers with wood heat generators are a wonderful solution for each enterprise.

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