Air cleaner

    The PA grain cleaners are used for preliminary cleaning in order to separate the cereals from light impurities such as straw, empty or light seeds, dust and so on.



    We supply air cleaners based on the directive 2006/42/CE. Talking about equipment, it is manufactured according to 94/9/CE. The raw material that has not been purified is distributed along the inner region of the mechanism, where the grain collides with the air streams, which moves in the countercurrent and takes dust from the grains.


    It should be noted that the air purifier is made using two modules, based on the type of distribution of products along the inside of the mechanism. There are two different models of air cleaners depending on the type of distribution of the product along the machine circumference: with rotating plate PA1200 and for lower flows PA500 with a dispersion cone. Aspiration system and the cyclone fan, which are necessary for the normal operation of this cleaner, they are supplied on request.



  • supporting metal connections;
  • hot galvanized extraction circuit;
  • fan;
  • dust decantation cyclone;
  • static bag filter.

Воздушные очистители зерна

Technical specifications
Model Max flow, m2 Installed capacity, kW А, mm В, mm Air flow, m3/h
PA500 50 2290 1280 3000
PA1200 150 0,55 2356 1184 7200


1. Input of the product.

2. Output of the dusty air.

3. Output of the clean product.