Rail foundationless weighbridge

  • Foundation

The weighbridge is designed for weighing four-axle railcar. It does not have a foundation and is installed directly on railway concrete sleepers.

  • Results

The freight for weighing is placed on special platforms. There are two platforms in the weighbridge. Using this device, you can weigh rail cars with a minimum length of 6.5 meters and up to 11.5 meters. A self-aligning sensor support ensures maximum accuracy of the results, as well as stability of the weighbridges themselves.



  • Easy to install

The installation of weighbridge is not difficult. It will take only two working shifts or even less to handle this work. Moreover, if you ever need to reinstall the equipment, it would be an easy task to do without the additional expenses.

  • Adjustment

The weighbridges are adjusted by kilograms. By means of weighbridge it is possible to establish a mass difference of railcar and also center-of-gravity shift of railcar.
If required, you can calibrate the device. To do this, you will need special calibration tools as well as the presence of the customer and the State verification service.

  • Technical capabilities

It is possible to record the results of the weighing using software. In this case, the results of the weighing process can be viewed either on the computer itself or printed.

The weighbridge has its own software, which is well combined with the customer’s software. With a standard 1C program, you can record the weighing results and maintain corresponding documents.

In addition to weight data, the weighing process can be captured on video and you can keep this information in database.

Along with the software, illuminance and various protective devices such as traffic lights, barriers, etc. are used to achieve accurate results.


Electronics capabilities:

  • the results are put on the screen;
  • it is possible to check sensors;
  • monitoring of the working capacity of equipment;
  • detection of the center-of-gravity shift in all directions;
  • it is possible to record the results on a computer;
  • it is possible to operate weighbridge using software at a distance of up to 1200 meters;
  • it is possible to diagnose the electronic software by yourself;
  • information about failures and breakdowns is put on the screen;
  • it is possible to connect not only a computer, but a display to the weighbridge software;
  • it is possible to adjust the platform, its individual elements, special sensors for calibration;
  • the software is powered by a 12-24 V battery;
  • the sensor housing is made of stainless steel.



Technical specifications
Parameters Value
Accuracy class Average
Scale capacity (highest weighing limit), t 150
Scale capacity (lowest weighing limit), t 2
Readability (dd) and measuring sensitivity (е), kg 50
Maximum permissible error in the initial check, kg
load range from 2 to 25 tons inclusive ±25
from 25 to 100 tons inclusive ±50
from 100 tons ±75
Operating temperature range, 0C:
Load carrier from -300C to +450C
Scale indicators from +100C to +450C
Dust and moisture protection degree according to GOST 14254-96:
Load carrier IP55
Scale indicators IP40
Supply voltage:
AC mains, V; frequency Hz 220 (+22; -33); 50 ± 1
DC power supply, V. 12/28
Power consumption, В*А 20
Average service life, years 10
Dimensions of the platform, m 6,16 х 2,7 х 0,53