A new oil-extraction factory and two elevators will be built in Kostanay region

According to Svetlana Boyko, who is a representative of Eurasian Foods Corporation, the main reason for the slow development of oil processing in Kostanay is due to the insufficient number of elevators. Such a statement was made during the “Kostanay-Invest 2017” forum.

The average productivity of the new plant will be 310,000 tons of sunflower a year. In addition, the amount of money that is required to implement the project is $ 100 million, and the terms for the first and second stages to be completed are 2018-2020 and 2023 respectively.

The main product of the factory is sunflower oil, and it is also planned to produce oil from rape and meal.

According to Svetlana Boyko, up to 80% of the produced oil is intended for further processing and for the domestic market, while oil from flax and rapeseed will be exported. When the factory is ready, it is planned to make a profit of $ 120 million per year.

According to the calculations of analysts, Kostanay region has a great potential in the cultivation of oil crops, as natural and climatic conditions are favorable. The acreage for sunflower can be 460 thousand hectares and for rapeseed – 130 thousand hectares.

Taking into accountant small storing capacity for oilseeds, Eurasian Foods Corporation plans to build two new elevators.