Wheat export level can be reduced significantly

As of the end of February this year, according to the information provided by the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Food, Ukraine exported over 80% of all wheat prepared for this purpose. This percentage equals 13.5 million tons. This information was published by the consulting company “ODA Ukraine”.
The rapid export rate in Ukraine is due to the increased demand for wheat by India. Three million tons were exported to India.
The prediction of the International Grain Council, based on such indicators, is that by the end of the 2016/2017 season the country can export only 1.8 million tons of wheat to foreign markets.
But the export indicator can also be considered from the other side. If we take into account a document called the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministry of Agrarian Food with leading grain exporters, the amount of wheat for export is three million tons.
But even relying on the Memorandum, experts say that the remains of grain for export are not considerable. Most of the wheat has already been exported. Therefore, in the next few months the decrease in export is expected.