Ukraine successfully passed the audit and discussion of the WTO

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade reports on the successful audit that Ukraine has recently undergone. This is the first audit experience of the state after its entry to the WTO. And it happened in 2008. The audit was held in one of the Swiss cities in Geneva from 19 to 21 of April.

The audit was like a presentation of the trade achievements of Ukraine, in particular, regarding the policy in the field of trade relations and free trade agreements with the countries of the European Union. Delegated representatives from our country were headed by Natalia Mikolskaya, who acted as a Ukrainian sales representative. She not only presented the achievements of the state, but also told what the government of Ukraine plans to undertake regarding the trade reforms.

The audit also consisted of a discussion of Ukraine’s achievements and prospects in the WTO. Representatives of 26 countries discussed the fate of Ukraine. This was not only European countries and the non-union countries of Europe, but also America, Canada, China, Australia, Japan, India, Mexico and other countries that are members of the organization. In general, during the discussion, members of the World Trade Organization positively assessed the achievements and prospects of Ukraine in the world trade.