Ukraine: Agrarians of Ukraine asked the Ministry of Justice for help in improving grain trade conditions

All the most influential agricultural unions of Ukraine asked Prime Minister Groisman and the Ministry of Justice for help. They asked to enforce the order of the Ministry of Finance No 776 on the blocking of tax bills as soon as possible. Because of the situation with these documents, agricultural enterprises do not have the opportunity to sell the harvested crop.

The representative of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, Mikhail Sokolov, said that the soonest registration of this order in the Ministry of Justice will enable the agrarians to continue their work. Otherwise, delay will lead to an agricultural crisis and a deficit in the agricultural products market. In addition, Mikhail Sokolov clarifies that despite all the defects and inaccuracies in the document, all the changes must be made after the restoration of the normal operating mode of the system.

Difficulties in working with the State Fiscal Service threaten the entire agricultural sector of the country, since the payments under purchase and sale contracts depend on the tax invoices.
Of no less importance is the fact that previously the Deputy Sergei Khlan noted that the blocking of tax bills is absolutely illegal.