Chain conveyors


Industrial Chain Conveyors TCI


1. Main characteristics

Industrial chain conveyor TCI is manufactured by Silos Cordoba.

This device was designed to resist the most demanding environments in grain transportation.

The solid and robust design of the grain conveyor TCI provides years of reliable operation. This conveyor is made of galvanized steel sheet S350GD with Z-600 metal coating. The TCI grain conveyor can effectively work with a wide range of grain, seeds, legumes and granules.









2. Head section


The main characteristics of the TCI conveyor is reliability and simplicity of design.

One of the main features of the head section is an anti-cumulative system that prevents the whole system from overflowing in the case of jam.

It is equipped with a shaft that is designed and manufactured by Silos Cordoba. It should be noted that there are inspection scuttles and fastening to the intermediate sections by side strips.


3. Intermediate sections

A new interconnection system between the intermediate sections allows quicker mounting,

and rigid attachments make it possible to have a section length of up to 3000 mm.

Intermediate sections in standard design are supplied with a high-quality wear-resistant material in the lower part, although optionally the side parts can also be made of the abovementioned material.







4. Tail section

The main feature of this device is chain shock absorber system, which ensures a longer operation life of chain and prevents its destruction.

In addition, the chain return system ensures minimal maintenance, allowing the chain not to be pulled to the maximum.

The system prevents the accumulation of grain residues in the lower part of the tail section. The rotation sensor is included in the standard scope of delivery.




Heavy-duty chain conveyor TCH


1. Main characteristics

Heavy-duty chain conveyor is manufactured by Silos Cordoba.

It was designed to withstand the most demanding conditions in grain handling operation.

The robust design of the chain conveyor TCH allows daily use and provides a long service life in systems where reliability and durability are crucial.

Made of galvanized welded steel sheets, the TCH grain conveyor can effectively work with a wide range of cereals, seeds, legumes and granules.



2. Head section

The head section of the chain conveyor TCH is reliable due to the simplicity of design.

The main improvements and features of the chain conveyor are 100% replaceable heat-treated pinion, flexible gearmotor connection, wear-resistant metal guides, inspection windows on both sides of the conveyor, inspection scuttle on the top for easier inspection and maintenance and an overflow system that prevents the system from overflowing in case of jam.

All mechanical parts, such as bearings, are fully protected to ensure a long service life and to prevent corrosion of the shaft.


3. Intermediate sections

The intermediate section of the chain conveyor is designed for operation under very severe operating conditions and with all types of products.

The walls and the bottom of the intermediate section are protected by wear-resistant steel, which guarantees a long service life. In addition, the intermediate sections have metal guides made of wear-resistant steel to reduce noise and prevent the accumulation of material in the upper part.

In the middle of the conveyor there are no screws that can be rubbed or damaged.

A new flange connection ensures correct alignment of the conveyor and an absolutely rigid connection.



4. Tail section

As well as the head of the conveyor, the tail section stands out because of its compact and robust design.

The main feature of the tail section is 100% removable heat-treated pinion, which is used to improve wear-resistance.

Thanks to the design, the upper and lower forged guides provide a reduction in noise. The guides are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel.

All mechanical elements such as inductive speed sensor, bearing supports and temperature sensor are fully protected to prevent accumulation of dirt and the effects of unfavorable weather conditions to ensure trouble-free operation.

The design of tail section has been made to ensure easy inspection and maintenance. For easy removal of dirt and inspection of the inside of the conveyor, there are hatches, which are located both below and on the top of the tail section.


Made of galvanized S350GD steel, as well as using metal coating Z-600 (zinc content – 600kg/m2), industrial chain conveyors provide highly-efficient operation with a variety of types of cereals, legumes and oilseeds. They are also gentle and highly efficient for pellets and seeds.

Chain conveyors are one of the most important elements that are present at any factory for transporting cereals.