Screw conveyors

It should be noted that screw conveyors for grain transportation are made according to performance requirements. We use special filling rate to calculate the performance (this rate is 45%), and we try to avoid high values that overestimate the capacity.


As for the reliability of these conveyors, it is ensured by the simplicity and high quality of its parts. This is also ensured by a low screw speed.
Due to the lubrication points of the screws placed outside, we can use an absolutely closed housing. Thus, we provide high safety in the maintenance of the conveyor. A direct variation drive is used in screw conveyors. Due to this we can often avoid different failures, as it often happens with belt and chain conveyors. We can install any protective elements that we need to meet local security standards.

Due to the conventional selection of the conveyors’ dimensions, the required performance ranges can be easily achieved.



Due to the fact that galvanized steel sheets are used for the production of this type of conveyors, we manufacture corrosion-resistant equipment. In addition, we can use synthetic enamel coatings.

Our company provides customized service and designs all the equipment based on your requirements.

Technical specifications
TR220 TR270 TR320 TR370 TR420 TR470 TR500
Performance max. m3/h 27 67 107 167 235 300 365
Performance max. tm/h 20 40 80 125 175 225 275
Diameter and pitch of the screw (А) 200 250 300 350 400 450 480
Max. RPM of the screw 160 145 145 126 124 114 112
Width of the bore (В) 220 280 320 370 420 470 500
Output section (S) 220×220 280×270 320×320 370×370 420×420 470×470 500×500