Enclosed belt conveyor

Enclosed belt conveyors TBC

1. Main characteristics

Belt conveyors TBC were designed by SILOS CÓRDOBA  for continuous use throughout the year.

These are made of welded galvanized steel sheets. The ТВС belt conveyors can effectively operate with a wide range of grain, seeds, legumes and granules.

The conveyor was designed to operate 24 hours a day and transport large amounts of grain. At the same time, it is easy to maintain.

It should be noted that one of the main advantages of the enclosed belt conveyor is that it prevents grain pollution and that the belt is absolutely enclosed and there are no bearings or open metal parts inside the conveyor. Among the other advantages the economy of the conveyor is worth mentioning: the conveyor uses 50% less energy than other ones, it operates quietly and does not damage the grain.

2. Head section


The head section of the enclosed belt conveyor has a direct coupling drive to the shaft.

All access points of the conveyor are designed in such a way that the parts can be easily dismantled, as well as for quick maintenance.

Inspection hatches are located on both sides of the head section of the conveyor. The conveyor also has a jam detector and a bearing regulation system. Also, the head section of the conveyor is equipped with an automatic drum cleaning section. The input and output funnels are protected with HARDOX 450 for a longer service life.

The shaft, which is designed and manufactured by Silos Cordoba, absorbs the engine torque.



3. Tensioning section

The tension section also includes auto recovery grain system,

an inspection hatch for easy access and a removable bottom for easy maintenance of the pulley.

The joints are sealed with butyl to prevent dust or water entering to the conveyor and contamination of grain by other agents.

Thanks to the bearing adjustment system, any deviation or misalignment of the pulley can be aligned and adjusted to ensure proper operation of the conveyor.

Bearing housings are reinforced with galvanized welded fasteners.




4. Intermediate sections

The intermediate section of the new belt conveyor has a simple design and is bolted.

One of the main features of this conveyor is a self-centering system of the rollers in order to correct any deviations of the band.

One of the main advantages is also the bottom of the base that is covered with a wear-resistant HDPE 1000 material, which provides good slippage of the grain and prevents wear of the bottom of the conveyor. Also, the protection cover is easily removed for maintenance.






5. Input and output hoppers

Input and output hoppers are protected with wear-resistant material HARDOX 450.

Also, hoppers have inspection windows on both sides.

Hoppers are also equipped with register dumpers, so the design allows the installation of supports in the intermediate sections at different heights, depending on the requirements of the installation.

One of the advantages of the new design is the ability to see what is happening inside the conveyor through the large viewing windows. Also, access through the inspection hatch is possible.





   If we talk about the main characteristics of belt-type conveyors, it should be noted that this design has the most successful combination of power consumption and performance. Here we can easily transport fragile and brittle materials. Also, such conveyors have a much lower noise level at the time of operation.

   Thanks to the peculiarities of the design the length and performance is almost unlimited. In calculations, the lower threshold value is applied, thereby ensuring high performance.

   The highest reliability of this conveyor is ensured due to the simplicity of its structure, as well as the quality of the parts used in its construction.



   In order to avoid capturing of body parts or workers’ clothes, additional protection is installed at the key position of the conveyor. We can also install protective parts, which are required by local standards. To avoid slippage of the tape, vulcanization materials are used for the production of reels.


Increase in productivity

     As for the dimensions, the belt conveyor makes it possible to install several outputs and inputs of the material with mechanisms for switching the discharges on. It is also possible to provide an uninterrupted transport line along the entire length. The structure of this conveyor is designed so that you can make its configuration without any limitations, thus adapting it to possible increases in speeds and volumes in the future.

   Due to the use of galvanized steel sheets, the equipment is highly resistant to various precipitation and condensation.

      It should be noted that our company provides customized services for each client and makes special projects as well.

Technical specifications
CT400-V CT500-V CT600-V CT650-V CT800-V CT1000-A CT1200-A CT1400-A
Performance max. m3/h V=1,33 m/s 53 107 167 200 307 567 800 1200
V=1,68 m/s 67 134 200 267 400 734 1000 1534
V=2,09 m/s 94 167 267 300 467 934 1267 1887
Performance max. (tm/h) V=1,33 m/s 40 80 125 150 230 425 600 900
V=1,68 m/s 50 100 150 200 300 550 750 1150
V=2,09 m/s 70 125 200 225 350 700 950 1400
Width of the belt (mm) (В) 400 500 600 650 800 1000 1200 1400
Diameter of the pulley (R) 60/89 60/89 60/89 60/89 89/108 89/108 89/108 108
Type of the pulley/bearing SL/6202 SL/6202 SL/6202 SL/6202 SL/6204 SL/6204 SL/6204 SL/6204
Diameter of the operative rotor 250 250 300 300 400 400 400 400