Screw oil presses

    The FS screw press line is the best solution that will allow you to get the maximum oil yield. This press was designed and manufactured to use in large capacity plants.

    Oil press FS is a modern equipment, the advantage of which is versatile application. Screw press FS is equipped with several sections, which due to different geometrical shapes, gradually press the raw material squeezing the oil. The oil flows out of the pressing cage, the plates of which are placed longitudinally, which makes it possible to increase the outflow area and, consequently, the amount of oil.

    Various modifications of presses are used for efficient processing of various kinds of seeds using the technology of one-level and two-level, cold and hot pressing, as well as pressing with extrusion.

    The main advantages of using new generation presses are:

  • increased oil drainage area;
  • built-in pumps;
  • built-in hydraulic mechanism for pressing cage opening;
  • easy replacement of working elements;
  • shaft cooling, when applying the hot pressing technology;
  • low power consumption.



Model Capacity, kg/h Power consumption, kW Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Weight, kg
FS 1010 1000-4000 60-132 3800 1570 1700 7600-8500
FS 4015 400016000 250-500 6900 2000 2200 22000-27000