Grain Sampler FLAMINGO

Technical information

        Grain sampler is used for automatic and rapid sampling of various cereals, oilseeds and legumes as well as other bulk materials from trailers, vehicles, etc.

   The automatic sampler is equipped with a gear motor with a power capacity of 0.37 kW.

     The oil block is powered by an engine with a power capacity of 1.5 kW. This engine operates at 1400 rpm. It should be noted that this device requires a three-phase power supply of 220/380 V, which is 50 Hz.

       Suction line is powered by a single-phase motor with a power capacity of 2.2 kW, 400 V.



     Firstly, sample spear is inserted into the product at a certain depth. As soon as the insertion begins, the suction system is automatically activated. After the bottom of the vehicle is reached, sample spear returns to its original position. Sample spear remains in place until the suction system is turned off. Pipes are emptied after each sampling. After that, sampler can start another cycle.

     The duration of suction line operation can be adjusted to determine the number of samplings.

     Note: If the automatic control button is pressed when the sample spear is in its lowest position, the telescopic arm raises and returns to its original position automatically.


  1. Screw sample spear for sampling;
  2. Rod with telescopic arm;
  3. Column with rotating support mechanism;
  4. Pipeline for samples;
  5. Suction module;
  6. Funnel for incoming samples;
  7. Control panel.



  • video surveillance;
  • 17” or 19” inch color display with night and day vision and with infrared illumination. There is also a protective case;
  • housing is made of white RAL 9010 metal and has sound insulation;
  • remote control with 12 channels.



  • sampler can be installed at a distance of up to 40 meters from laboratory;
  • screw sample spear for sampling;
  • samples are homogenous and the process of homogenization compliance to all European standards and it is not pneumatic;;
  • the movement of rod is free and smooth which is due to the oil hydraulic system;
  • motion of the sample spear in the vehicle is fully automatic;
  • to perform sampling it is enough to have one operator;
  • the amount of samples can be adjusted;
  • Flamingo is delivered complete, which makes the quick installation possible.