Grain Sampler APOLLON LONG

     APOLLON LONG sampler is a hydraulic unit on monorail that carries out automatic sampling from road trains of such crops as sunflower and wheat, corn and barley, rape, cocoa, rye, buckwheat, rice, oats and other crops with similar consistency and ratio up to 1000 gram per liter.
The remote sampler provides easy and convenient sampling of grain crops and other bulk materials. The sample is taken throughout the height of the vehicle, not excluding the bottom layer. In addition, the sample can be taken from various trucks and trailers. After lowering the sample spear, pneumatic transportation is performed and then the sample is unloaded through the cyclonic collector.


  • The features of the APOLLON LONG offer the owner many advantages:

– sampling without vehicles being moved (up to 16 m in length);
– simultaneous sampling throughout the height of the vehicle including its bottom layer;
– this sampler makes it possible to take samples from vehicles placed on opposite sides of the sampler;
– conical sample spear can work with dense, complex material such as wet corn, etc.;
– automatic sampling mode, which is performed by pressing one button;
– wireless remote control with a working radius at a distance of up to 100 m from the laboratory;
– economical and efficient process: sample spear is extracted from the product without spillage and dust;
– the operating convenience is ensured by a system for smooth adjustment of the sample amount;
– sample is transported directly to the laboratory;
– sampling does not take more than three minutes;
– remote control: sampling is started by operator who is at the control panel;
– robust design: sample spear is made of high-strength titaniferous alloy providing reliability and durability;
– easy to use and easy to maintain.


  • Description of the APOLLON LONG sampler 

The APOLLON LONG sampler is delivered dismantled into individual parts. It consists of:
– columns (2 pcs);
– crossmember (1 pcs);
– sample spear;
– telescopic arm;
– aspiration system (turbine, mounting bracket, cyclonic collector);
– box with installed oil station;
– remote control;
– set of cables.


  • Working sequence of the APOLLON LONG sampler

– Putting a sample spear over the truck or trailer. The operator, who runs the hydraulic lines of the telescopic arm using the remote control, puts a sample spear.

– Sampling starts, after the operator confirms the position of the sample spear and presses the corresponding button.

– Sample spear passes throughout the height of the vehicle until the bottom layer. Sample spear is extracted and the turbine starts simultaneously. The product is transported to the cyclonic collector inside the laboratory.

– Equipped with automatic mechanisms sampler makes it possible to perform sampling with one button, in automatic mode and according to specified schemes.

Technical specifications
Parameters Value
Working radius around the monorail, m 2.9
Height with the raised sample spear, m 6.7
Height of the vehicle up to, m 4.0
Operating temperature range, 0C -30…+60
Installed capacity (at a distance from the laboratory up to 30 m), kW 5.2
Motion of the travel slide, m from 10
Voltage, V 380
Horizontal movements speed, m/s 1.5
Sample spear speed, m/s 1.7
Operation time (lowering of the sample spear-sampling-extracting of the sample spear), s 10