Falling number device

A dual-tube device is used to measure the activity of flour using the amylolytic method. The amylolytic index is important since the quality of dough fermentation depends on it.

The device, despite its size, is easy to use and is highly efficient. Using it, you can perform standard analysis as well as a more in-depth fungal analysis. At the same time, two different analysis can be performed simultaneously thanks to a well thought out double system. The device provides the information on the damaged samples. Samples can be damaged because of sprouting, which, in turn, can occur due to the environmental conditions. Sprouting increases the activity of alpha-amylase.

The device is equipped with a stepper motor and with a touchscreen, which makes this device easy to use. The software calculates all the data based on the received values automatically. It is possible to adjust the settings of the device depending on its geographical location.

Parameters that can be analyzed using the falling number device:

  • values depending on the geographical location and altitude;
  • activity of the alpha-amylase;
  • the amount of damaged flour.
Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 600x500x500
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 40