Presses of low power

PromInvestService company is the official representative of the Czech manufacturer Farmet a.s.

Low power presses are a complex solution for the processing of standard oilseeds such as rapeseed and sunflower, as well as the rarer oilseeds such coconut, amaranth, poppy, sea buckthorn, grapeseeds and others.

The key characteristics of oil presses UNO and DUO are small size and easy installation. Thanks to these properties, these models are a perfect choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Presses UNO, DUO

These models of presses are equipped with single-phase or three-phase motors in accordance with EU standards, however the electrical installation can be selected according to local requirements.

In order to adjust the press speed and for further optimization, the press can be upgraded with a frequency converter.

Press DUO

Press UNO



Pressing sets FARMER 10, FARMER 20

Using these pressing sets you can produce high quality cold pressed vegetable oil – Extra Virgin.

In the delivery set you will find everything you need to produce filteres oil from a wide range of oilseeds:

    • base frame;
    • press UNO or DUO with heating clutch;
    • loading hopper above the press;
    • oil pump;
    • plate filter;
    • switchboard panel;
    • containers for unfiltered oil;
    • containers for filtered oil.

Farmer 10

Farmer 20



UNO DUO Farmer 10 Farmer 20
Capacity, kg/h 9-12 18-24 9-12 18-24
Power consumption, kW 1,1-1,5 2,2-3 1,6-2,2 2,7-3,5
Frequency converter on demand on demand on demand on demand
Length, mm 870 775-780 875 700
Width, mm 225 455 725 1140
Height, mm 255-315 320-400 1100 1575
Weight, kg 75-80 100-110 140-150 230-240