Preliminary raw material processing

    The key factor for achieving maximum efficiency of pressing is correct preliminary processing of raw materials.

    In addition, the quality of the output product (oil, oil cake or extrudate) also largely depends on the preliminary processing.

    This technology is a complex solution for preliminary processing of input raw materials. The use of additional options depends on what requirements are imposed on the quality of the output raw materials. Farmet offers the following options:

    Cleaning of seeds. The use of this option will protect your equipment from various types of damage. In addition, cleaning can significantly increase the service life of parts that wear out over time. Also, seed cleaning plays an important role in improving the quality of output raw materials.

    Weighing. Using this option gives an opportunity to get full information about the quantity of processed raw materials, and also allows to accurately determine the productivity of this technological line.

    Temperature stabilization. This option is used for seed heating, in order to ensure optimum production performance as low ambient temperatures.

    Hulling and separation of husks. This option makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the pressing process. In addition, the use of this technology significantly improves the quality of the oil, and allows the production of cake with low fiber content.

    Crushing. It is used to simplify the transformation of nutrients and antinutrients at such stages of the manufacturing process as conditioning and extrusion. In addition, the efficiency of the extruder depends on the particle size. Crushing is also used to increase the service life of wear parts.

    Rolling. The use of this option will increase the efficiency of pressing the oil which means that the output oil quantity will be increased, as the seed integrity is broken (seed opens) when rolling, and this makes it possible to increase the yield of the oil. The seeds that have undergone the rolling process are heated more quickly, which makes it possible to optimize the heating process.