Portable belt and screw conveyor HORIZONT

      Portable conveyors facilitate the movement of grain and bulk solid materials: derivative products, sand, small pieces of products and packaged goods. Devices equipped with pneumatic wheels are used in loading and unloading processes, which can provide different orientation of the movement of goods: horizontal and inclined. The mechanism, having a capacity of up to 350 tons per hour, greatly simplifies the work on grain threshing floors, in ports, at enterprises and grain storage.

     The length of the conveyors varies from 6 to 31,5 m, and the height of slip throw depends on characteristics of bulk solid materials and area of operations. At the request of the customer, conveyors are supplied with chevron conveyor belt. The equipment can rotate around the loading axis; the height of slip throw is adjustable; the device can also be equipped with self-propelled chassis. In order to facilitate working process the manufacturer offers a precipitation shelter and dumping abrasive resistant sleeve of different cross-section.