Refrigeration of cereals

    Grain refrigeration by means of CRIO MX makes it possible to store grain naturally, thereby preventing its oxidation and overheating. It allows store products with a much higher moisture content. At the same time, weight and organoleptic properties remain the same. On this basis, we can easily avoid chemical treatment procedures. Bacterial fungal infections are also prevented.



    Using this machine it is possible to decrease the temperature of cereals by supplying specially dried and cooled air. Due to a rapid decrease in the temperature of the grain, the mold stops developing and bacterial, aflatoxin and mycotoxins do not develop either. In addition, this technology can prevent the development of insects and remarkably reduces the metabolism of cereals.



We can highlight the following advantages:

  • reducing the storage cost;
  • less losses of weight of the cereals;
  • better product quality and therefore better sales.


Technical specifications
Model Cooling power (t0 condensation +450С;t0 evaporation +7,50С Air consumption at a head of 200 mm of water column Compressor input power Fan input power with economizer
5.5-12A kW 40 m3/H7.500 alternative bitzer kW 8.5 kW 5.5
15-25A kW 70 m3/H17.000 kW 16 kW 15
18.5-40A kW 120 m3/H21.500 kW 29 kW 18.5
30-50A kW 142 m3/H34.000 kW 34.5 kW 2×15
30-40VE kW 140 with economizer m3/H34.000 screw bitzer kW 27.1 kW 2х15


Technical specifications
Condenser/fan power Total input power, installed and maximum Power, kW Dimensions (width-length-height) Weight Diameter of discharge hole
kW 2х1.9 kW 17.8-20 400 V 50 Hz m 2.14х3.0х2.05 kg 1200 mm 400
kW 2х1.9 kW 35-40 400 V 50 Hz m 2.0х3.8х2.37 kg 1600 mm 400
kW 4х1.9 kW 55-71 400 V 50 Hz m 2.3х4.2х2.4 kg 2000 mm 600
kW 4х1.9 kW 72-91 400 V 50 Hz m 2.3х4.2х2.4 kg 2600 mm 600
kW 4х1.9 kW 65-80 400 V 50 Hz m 2.3х4.2х2.4 kg 2600 mm 600