About us

            The international group of companies “PromInvestServis” provides complex solutions for cleaning, drying, storage and analysis of cereals, legumes, oilseeds and products of their processing in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries. Our qualified and highly experienced staff will deal with all the challenges within the shortest possible time!
            The equipment we offer was not chosen by chance. Having conducted a lot of deep analytical, technical and economic analysis and researches, we declare with responsibility that the products we supply are from the world leaders of manufacturing!
            We are the official partners of world famous European manufacturers and with the majority of them we have exclusive agreements. Thanks to special business arrangements with European partners, we can offer our customers the best quality-price ratio.
            Company’s specialists, although having many years of experience, do not get tired of raising their level of competence. They do an internship at manufacturers’ factories on a regular basis. Our company is a constant and active participant of training sessions, conferences, specialized exhibitions.
            The clients of the company “PromInvestServis” are already accustomed to the service of the European level! Each of them receives warranty service and post-warranty service of their facilities. Each of them appreciates trouble-free operation of their equipment throughout the lifespan.