Bucket elevators


Industrial Bucket Elevator ECI


 1. Main characteristics

Industrial Bucket Elevator manufactured by Silos Cordoba

Is exclusively designed to resist the most demanding environments in grain transportation.

The solid and robust construction of the device provides years of reliable operation. Made of galvanized sheet steel S350GD with Z-600 coating, ECI bucket elevator can effectively work with a wide range of grain, seeds, beans and pellets.






2. Head section

ECI’s head section is simple and robust


The reaction arm developed and manufactured by Silos Cordoba, which is mounted on bearings of the bucket elevator’s head section is also worth mentioning.

The inner surface with reinforced wear protection ensures a long service life. Head section maintenance can be done quickly and easily since its components are easily accessible.








3. Intermediate section

Intermediate section stands out for its simple structure and assembly.


Its structure includes only three different parts.

The connections between the intermediate sections provide high rigidity of the bucket elevator and allow easy and quick installation of the ladder and service platform.










4. Register section

The intermediate section allows you to quickly access the belt and/or buckets.

Thanks to its accessible doors, maintenance can be carried out easily.

Doors also have excellent seal, preventing the loss of grain.












5. Tensioning section

All mechanical elements are hidden thanks to the design of tensioning section, providing full protection of the elevator against bad weather conditions.

A new design of the pulley that prevents accumulation of grain. The inner surface is made of wear resistant materials to ensure a long service life.

Belt misalignment detector and rotation sensor are standard.










Heavy-duty bucket elevator ECH

 1. Main characteristics

Heavy-duty bucket elevator is designed by Silos Cordoba.

Is exclusively designed to resist the most demanding environments in grain transportation.

Developing and releasing this heavy-duty bucket elevator means that company has taken another step towards expanding the range of machines intended for heavy-duty operation. These devices are necessary in order to meet the customers’ needs, especially those, who handle large amounts of grain 24 hours a day.

The main improvements and features of this bucket elevator are special inspection scuttle on the top for easier maintenance and inspection, wear-resistant steel at the entrances and places of the greatest abrasion, simplified design of the intermediate section, using of welding in critical areas and protection of the mechanical parts.












2. Head section

Internal surface of the head section is protected by HARDOX 450.

Its main feature is the integrated system for monitoring the temperature of the bearings and diverting band sensors.

The doors are large and easy to open.

The torque arm is designed and manufactured by Silos Cordoba.

Bearing housings are reinforced with galvanized welded fasteners.






3. Intermediate sections

Intermediate sections for bucket elevator is designed by Silos Cordoba.

Silos Cordoba has developed simplified components for quick and easy maintenance.

The flanges are welded and hot dip galvanized.










4. Tensioning section

Inspection scuttles are easy to open and close.

It is equipped with deviation band sensors and sides are made of reinforced hot dip galvanized welded steel sheets. The section is also equipped with a new pulley that prevents the accumulation of grain from outside and provides excellent performance.

The entrances are protected with HARDOX 450.










5. Register section

Intermediate sections have wide scuttles for easy maintenance and installation of belt and buckets.

The intermediate section is made of galvanized welded sheets, has scuttles from all sides, which facilitate inspection and installation of the belt and buckets.