NIRS DA1650 gives you the opportunity to perform relatively fast and accurate analysis of the oil products in one device.



      The new gold reflector cup for the liquid oil makes this analyzer versatile. Now manufacturers of the edible oil can analyze both liquid oil samples and solid samples. This makes it possible to obtain the most important information at various production stages, using only one oilseed analyzer. As can be seen from the above you can reduce expenses significantly. You can analyze both liquid and solid samples, which makes it possible to obtain the most accurate results. The intuitive touch screen makes it fast and easy for any user to operate the device. In addition, it is very easy to establish the network on this device. Given all the advantages of the device, it is relatively cheap in comparison with other NIR devices.



      The unique solution for oil production is a specially designed gold reflector cup, which is intended for the liquid sample. The lid of the cup prevents sample from spillage during the measuring. A cup with a reflector locates the level of the liquid placed inside. This ensures the same accurate results every time. Quartz glass protects the surface of the reflector from rapid wear.

        As can be seen from the above if you need oilseeds analyzer, then you should consider this device, which is a very convenient as well as accurate and at the same time its price is economic.