Modular pressing unit “Compact”

PromInvestService company is the official representative of the Czech manufacturer Farmet a.s.

The multipurpose modular press machine COMPACT represents the newest direction in the field of oilseeds pressing. This press will allow processing oilseeds, and production of the high-quality filtered vegetable oil, as well as cake, the feed value of which is very high.

Due to the modular design of COMPACT, it is ideal for pressing with extrusion, or for using cold-pressing technology for processing seeds of various oilseeds. Buying this product, you provide yourself with a complex solution.

The main advantages of COMPACT:

  • Compact: it is delivered pre-assembled with installed wiring;
  • Simplicity: the modular design is easy to operate and maintain;
  • Versatility: the technological line consists of pre-treatment of seeds, filtration and also places for storing oil and oil cake;
  • High quality: oil of best quality and cake with high feed value;
  • Efficiency: the amount obtained, when pressing the oil is almost the same as after the hot pressing;
  • User-friendliness: an intuitive process control system.



Parameters without options   COMPACT CP 2    COMPACT CP 2    COMPACT CP 2
 CP2-1 CP2-1  EP1-1 EP1-2  EP2-1 EP2-2
Capacity, kg/h  300 600 250  500  350 (250*) 700 (500*)
Power consumption, kW  43 73 49 88  64  117
 Length, m  7,5 7,5 7,5 7,5 7,5 7,5
 Width, m 7 7 7 7 7 7
 Height, m  4,5 (5**) 4,5 (5**) 4,5 (5**) 4,5 (5**) 4,5 (5**) 4,5 (5**)
 Weight, kg  4640 6580 4140 5710 5120 7650

*Capacity when processing soybeans.

**Height (including hulling option).

The specified data depends on the technology and type of seeds. 

Screw oil presses Fl 200

The line is equipped with FL200 screw oil presses. This model of oil press is used at enterprises with average output. Oil press is designed to work with a whole list of hulled and unhulled seeds using various pressing technologies.

The possibility of parallel connection of oil presses will allow you to create a production line with the required capacity. Model FL200 is designed for pressing seeds using the cold pressing and pressing with extrusion. It is always possible to add to the cold pressing line a FE250 extruders and achieve a new level of production.

COMPACT is a perfect solution for companies that do not have experience in processing oilseeds, as well as for experienced players of this market who are interested in small volumes of production.


Capacity, kg/h Power consumption, kW Length, m Width, m Height, m Weight, kg
160-1000 11-22 2120 640 840 800-950

The specified data depends on the technology and type of seeds.