Mobile circulating batch dryer STELA

     The mobile circulating batch dryer MUF is filled via the big feeding hopper and the high-power bucket elevator. The product fills the entire space between the outer wall of the dryer and the hot air duct. When the dryer starts, all drive mechanisms are blocked: an elevator, a radial-flow fan and a burner.
     The air heated up in the air heater flows in the duct (1) by means of the radial-flow fan and then it flows through the drying container filled with the product (2). The unloading caps (4) provide the force distribution, the discharge mechanism (5) captures, and the elevator (6) transports the product to the upper section of the drying column, the so-called “dryeration zone”.
     Model MUF 110 is additionally equipped with the resting container holding warm product. In the phase of calm, it is airless. Roller discharge of the product (5) is in the lower zone of the dryer. Due to the program of differentiated time, according to which the roller device operates, homogeneous and uniform mixing and distribution of the product takes place in different zones.

1 = hot air
2 = product
3 = exhaust air
4 = pressure-reducing roofs
5 = roller discharge
6 = elevator

The multi-term automatic system begins to operate with a high hot air temperature and then switches gradually to lower temperatures at the end of drying. Thanks to this method of drying, the energy is used efficiently and the product is treated carefully. After analyzing the moisture and controlling the temperature of the grain, the device is automatically cooled. The temperature of the product is lowered to the storage temperature in the warehouse, and the unloading is carried out by means of a ring elevator, a funnel and a screw conveyor.

– Durability: the dryer body is made of high quality aluminum.

– The self-cleaning perforated sheets provide ventilation of the product.

– Do not require much space.

– Easy-to-use: simple assembly, pre-installation, fast location change.

– Modern design: electrical installation comply with the latest VDE standards.

– There is a “rest” zone and “dryeration” zone in models MUF 110

– Technical breakthrough: vertical flow is the newest method of heating the air.

– No construction required.

– Conservation: minimum energy utilization.

– Ideal test results and the best protection of your product.

The MUF 110 guarantees economical and gentle drying of your product!