The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food counts on €400 millions

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food plans to receive funds in the amount of 400 million euros by the beginning of the next 2016. This statement made A.Pavlenko, who is head of this ministry, at a briefing in Kiev. According to his statement, Ukraine can receive exactly this amount from the EIB (European Investment Bank).
Aleksei Pavlenko clarified that the Ministry of Finance has already introduced the resolution on an agreement with the EIB, and the next step is to undergo the formal procedure of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. After the Cabinet of Ministers adopts a resolution and approves the procedure, it will be signed by the president and initialed by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
The head of the ministry recalled that Ukraine had already attracted finance from the EIB for the Ministry of Regional Development, and noted an exceptional importance of obtaining a loan. He said that the loan would make available cheap European funds, which can substantially support domestic agricultural businesses.