About Farmet company

   The PromInvestService company is the official representative of the Czech manufacturer Farmet a.s.
   JSC «Farmet a.s.» is a rapidly growing company whose main activity is the development, manufacturing, supply and also maintenance of technological lines for the processing of oilseeds and vegetable oils, as well as the equipment for making mixed fodders.

   Brand Farmet is a guarantee of high quality, profitability and competitiveness in the world market.

   The company produces equipment for a highly productive agro-industrial complex and food industry.

   Farmet offers:

  • Agricultural equipment for soil treatment and sowing.
  • Production lines for the processing of oilseeds, vegetable oils, extrusion and the production of mixed fodder (OIL & FEED TECH).



  • The main objective of Farmet when conduction researches is to optimize all stages of processing in order to develop and implement such production equipment that will allow to produce the product as efficiently as possible while at the same time manufacturing costs will be minimal. To achieve such results, Farmet regularly analyses the entire technological process of the vegetable oils production, as well as evaluates the efficiency of the equipment.
  • The adoption of the researches results helps to provide customers with equipment that meets all technical and economic requirements.
  • In addition, when developing new equipment the issue of environmental friendliness is taken into account.
  • Close cooperation with various research centres in the Czech Republic and foreign institutions gives Farmet the opportunity to consider all the specifics of the selected processing directions when manufacturing new equipment.
  • Analysis of different types and varieties of crops allows creating unique solutions for processing.
  • Determination of individual rheological characteristics of the pressed materials underlies the construction of mathematical models of the pressing process.
  • All inventions are tested under real conditions in its own production complex.
  • The laboratory at the plant is equipped with modern equipment for assessing the quality of both raw materials and processed products (oil, oil cake, etc.).




  • The experience gained over the years of work is used to design new equipment, as well as to improve already existing one.
  • The client can get pre-project consultation and advice on any equipment produced by Farmet.



  • Constant investments in the improvement and implementation of innovative production and measurement technologies allow us to offer the best solutions to our customers at an affordable price.
  • To protect the working parts of screw presses, the technology of hard banding is used. The hard banding can be recovered, which allows to increase the service life.
  • The fact that Farmet is both a developer and a manufacturer of equipment makes it possible to make adjustments depending on the requirements of the client.
  • All equipment, which is basic in the Farmet production lines, is produced at the company’s own plant.
  • Quality is the foundation on which all the work of the company is based.



  • Individual approach to solving the problems posed by the client.
  • Guaranteed production quality parameters.
  • Introduction of innovations in the production of equipment to maximize work efficiency.
  • Briefing for the client’s staff at all stages of cooperation.
  • Qualified regional representatives.
  • Consultations directly with technical experts in order to setup the equipment optimally.
  • Professional service in the shortest possible time.