Belt dryer “Perry”

    The company “PromInvestService” officially represents Perry in the markets of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia.

   A belt type dryer is an excellent solution for drying a wide range of non-flowing products: from biomass to grass and seeds, wood chips, orange crusts, fruits, nuts, etc.

   Main characteristics:

  • The dryer is made of hot-dip galvanized metal (stainless steel dryers can be supplied on request).
  • Drying tape is made of finely woven mesh of synthetic and bronze.
  • Works on various types of fuel, including biofuels, steam, diesel, kerosene or gas.
  • The design includes a mechanism for leveling the layer of the product to be dried.
  • Equipped with a brush to ensure the cleaning of the tape.
  • Equipped with a PLC-panel with a touch screen.
  • Dryers have a modular design. The length of the dryer increases in increments of 1 m from 8.5 m to 38.5 (together with drive and tension stations).
  • The model range varies with a maximum width of up to 3 m.
  • Cooling section is available on request.
  • Developed and manufactured by Perry.


Operating principle

   Cold air enters the heat exchanger. There is heats up to the set temperature and then enters the drying chamber, where is passes through a layer of material that is on the tape, and then exits through the fans.

Control panel

   The main feature of the PLC control panel from Perry is the display of the mimic diagram of the dryer, which makes this control panel one of the easiest to operate models on the market.

   Perry also offers an application for controlling the dryer and monitoring its condition in order to remotely control production from anywhere where the Internet is available. In addition, you can adjust sending of notifications via email or SMS.

   Characteristics of the PLC control panel:

  • Touchscreen 12”.
  • User friendly interface in Russian.
  • Software is developed by Perry.
  • Storage of all indications, alarms and status notifications.
  • Adjusting drying parameters directly from the control panel.
  • Drying logs are created automatically daily.
  • The control system of the dryer, which operates on diesel fuel, includes a function for accounting the fuel consumption.





   Perry also provides equipment for the transport and storage of both wet and dried products. The equipment includes various types of conveyors, bucket elevator and also conveyors with several rows of chains.


   A storage tank for biomass from Perry will allow you to store the required amount of biomass in the immediate vicinity of the boiler in which you need to supply fuel.


   Previously, the supply of biomass was carried out with the help of special trucks, which turned out to be inefficient, noisy and economically unprofitable. The most efficient operation of the boiler system can be achieved with the presence of biomass directly in the storage area. For this purpose, Perry has developed a receiving hopper with a vertical auger, which allows the mass to be transported from the dump truck to the storage area by pressing a button. One of the main advantages of this system is a low noise level – 60 dB.