Integrated Flour and Dough testing set FARINOGRAPH+EXTENSOGRAPH

This device is a unique combination of two different devices. It combines both a flour analyzer and a dough analyzer. Therefore, this device is obviously indispensable for the bread baking industry. This device has an advantage over other models because it is portable. There is a separate container for flour analysis. You can analyze such parameter as resistance during the mixing against the mixing arms. This parameter depends on flour quality as well as on time of mixing. You can also perform rheological analysis. The obtained diagrams are displayed on a screen and saved to the computer. Touch panel makes the device easy-to-operate.
There is also a separate container for the dough analysis. The dough is tested for the elongation at different stages of kneading. As a rule, it is done within 45th, 90th and 135th minutes. Thanks to the software, the diagrams are immediately built and processed. Therefore, the final information about the dough quality is obtained instantly. The dough analyzer is also controlled via PC, software and touch panel. The device is equipped with a stepper motor. All elements and mechanisms are automatically controlled via built-in computer.



Parameters that can be analyzed by the flour testing device:

    • Water absorption capacity, %;
    • Dough development time, minutes – This is a period of time from the water inlet to the required structure of dough;
    • Dough stability – is measured in minutes; it is a time interval;
    • Softening degree – is calculated in three stages at different time intervals; 10th, 12th, 20th minutes;
    • Permissible deviation during kneading.



Parameters that can be analyzed by the dough testing device:

    • Resistance – is measured at the fifth centimeter;
    • Maximum resistance;
    • Elasticity – is measured in mm, and it represents the total length until the dough is torn;
    • Energy;
    • Ratio of elongation and resistance.




Advantages of the device

  • a 2-in-1 device, it combines the dough and flour analyzer;
  • small size, requires less space;
  • multifunctionality;
  • control via the built-in computer;
  • data is kept on the computer;
  • the Internet connection;
  • remote software update via remote access;
  • device protection elements;
  • shows the effect of additives on the dough;
  • detects baking properties of the dough.
Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 710x610x1220
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 210
Speed of dough shaping unit 83 ± 3 rpm
Speed of dough rolling unit 15 ± 1 rpm
Speed of stretching hook 14,5 ± 0,5 mm/s