Combined mill

    The device is used to grind the samples both dry and moistened for further laboratory tests. After grinding, the raw material is passed through a sieve with special blades to separate the flour itself from small particles of bran.
    The device is equipped with 5 rolls (3 breaking and 2 reduction). The mill is easy to use. In addition, you do not need to clean it after each use by hand. There is a special automatic function. You press the reverse button, and thus bran and other wastes are discharged through a special funnel.
  For many laboratory tests, flour of a certain consistency is needed. Therefore, it is of great importance to use the mill of high-quality. Using this mill, makes it easy to measure the final weight of product, which is important in bakery production.
    This device makes it possible to obtain laboratory samples for further tests on gluten washing machine, gluten index device, dry gluten device, falling number device as well as on the sedimentation device.

Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 700×440+320×300
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 85
kW/a 0.55 kW – 2.7 A
Sieve dimension 160 µ
Revolutions per minute 600 rpm to 1500 rpm
Extraction rate 60-65%
Capacity 100 grams – 1 kg