Kazakhstan: The grain yield in the Akmola region increased by 34%

In the Akmola region, harvesting was completed, which took about a month. Favorable weather conditions facilitated harvesting and as a result, productivity in the Akmola region increased by 34%.

Comparing with the previous year, by this time only 80,8% of the grain was harvested.

This year harvesting began on August 20 and from the beginning, the yield indicators were much lower than those that turned out to be in the end.

During the entire harvesting period, the indicator increased by 3 centners per hectare, from 8,8 centners per hectare to 11,8 centners per hectare.

Of no less importance is the fact that in 2017 the cultivation area for grain crops was slightly decreased by only 4.7 thousand hectares in Akmola region. In other areas of Kazakhstan, the cultivation area reduction was more significant, but apparently, is did not affect the yield significantly.