The quality of exported grain will be checked

Ukrainian grain traders have been worrying about the same problem for several years. The problem is that the exported grain does not comply with all the phytosanitary standarts of the countries to which it is supplied. There are often organisms in the grain that are quarantined. All departure from accepted sanitary standards lead to the fact that Ukraine receives notes regarding the quality of the grain.
To avoid escalation of the situation, grain traders and State Food and Consumption Service came to the negotiating table to discuss the improvement of the procedures connected with phitosanitary standards of the exported grain. During negotiation, it was decided to perform thorough tests on compliance with sanitary standards. The tests will be performed in Odessa region under control of the State Food and Consumption Service. In addition, members of associations related to the agrarian business will be watching the tests.
It is worth mentioning that 7 million tons of the grain, legumes and oilseeds were exported from the beginning of the 2017. The countries of destination were India, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia and some European countries.