Infratec Nova

    Infratec Nova is a whole grain and flour analyzer based on infrared spectroscopy that is used for simultaneous measurement of a wide range of grain, oilseed, legume parameters as well as their derivative products.



    If you need to assess the value of grain and oilseeds, you need to know that quality as soon as possible and of course in the most reliable way. Thanks to Infratec Nova you can do this by minimizing the training requirements for operators during busy harvest season and therefore reducing the risk of operator error. Built-in tablet-like screen provides easy and intuitive operation of the device. Infratec is easy-to-use due to a special software. This device suits perfectly even if you need to hire seasonal employees because you do not need expensive and time-consuming training. It should also be noted that Infratec Nova is 30% smaller and lighter than previous models. This device is more transportable and does not take up a lot of space on the table. In addition, this model is fully backward-compatible, which makes it possible to transfer calibration from earlier models of Infratec for free.




Grain receiving station:
Wheat, durum wheat, barley, corn, malt, green malt, oats, rye, triticale, sorghum, rough rice, brown rice, milled rice, lentils, faba beans, chick peas, green peas, lupines, etc.Flour Milling:
Wheat flour, semolina, soy meal, ground wheat, middles, rice meal and corn meal.
Oilseed crushing:
Soybean, rapeseed, canola, ground sunflower.Plant Breeders and Seed Companies:Small samples of seeds, tissue analysis, colour, etc.
Malting and Biofuel:

Barley, malt, green malt, etc.

Other industries: brewing, baling, pasta and starch extraction:

Beer, whiskey, spirits, wort, cooked rice, pasta, etc.



  • large number of samples;
  • it is possible to analyze the entire kernel, not just the surface;
  • modulation of near infrared signals;
  • deeper penetration;
  • low influence of particle size.



     INFRATEC NOVA is equipped with tablet-like screenанализатор цельного зерна INFRATEC NOVA making the benefits of operation obvious. This screen is easily tilted for optimal viewing of the results. It is also used to facilitate the data input because of the onscreen keyboard.


    It should be noted that it is easy to analyze various products. To perform the analysis анализатор17we need to choose the calibration and type of sample and then start the analysis. It worth mentioning that this device conducts internal self-regulation to get the required results. Regardless of the installation conditions, we can easily plug in and turn on the device. It is very easy to prepare. It is enough to turn it on and after a short self-test, you can already produce accurate results.


    It should be noted that the accuracy of the results does not depend on samples and the temperature change. Therefore, you will get correct results under all conditions.




  • the Test Weight Module is used for the determination of volume weight;
  • the Flour Module is used for analyzing cereals, flour and other milling products;
  • the Sample Transport Module is used for liquids. It is also used for wet samples as well as for the light samples.


Technical specifications

Characteristic Description
Dimensions (W x D x H) 410 x 460 x 415 mm
Weight 28.5 kg (31 kg with test weight module)
Voltage 220-240V 50-60Hz or 110-120V
Rated current 1.0A (110-120V) / 0.5A (220-240V)
Spectrometer Scanning monochrometer
Wavelength range 400-1100 nm
Detector Silicon
Optical bandwidth 7 nm
Number of data points 1404
Mode Transmittance
Light source Halogen lamp
Interface Ethernet, 3 x USB (full function) including one on the instrument front for easy access
Display 10 inch Capacitive Touch Screen


Sampling and result presentation
Analysis time Less than 60 seconds for 10 sub-samples including test weight analysis and as little as 40 seconds when Dynamic sub-sampling enabled
Path length Variable cell automatically controlled from 6-33 mm
Result report Presented on the display as default. Can be sent to PC/LIMS and the printer port
Outlier function Warnings and options for the presentation of the result
Software Menu driven with touch screen interface
Regression programs ANN (Artificial Neural Network); PLS (Partial Least Squares)
Number of sub-samples 1-30 (10 sub-samples standard)