Import of the rapeseeds to the European Union is growing

The first two months of 2016 were effective in terms of rapeseeds import. Import of seeds to the European Union has increased. In the aggregate, over 640.000 tons of seeds were sold to EU countries in January and February. This is more than 200 thousand tons more than in January and in February 2015. Last year 428 thousand tons were sold in the first two months.
Among the sellers, the leading position belongs to Australia, Ukraine and Canada. Most of the raw materials shipped by Australia – more than 450 thousand tons. Ukraine is behind and shipped almost 130 thousand tons. Canada made a little less shipment, because this year it is acted for the first time as an importer of this product.
In the aggregate, over 2 million tons of rape were purchased by the European Union during the period under study. Ukraine was the main supplier (it supplied 1.1 million). And in 2015 the figure was lower – slightly above 1.7 million. Experts make positive predictions and expect an increase in import up to 3.3 million.