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   The grain dryer Tornado is manufactured by an English company. These grain dryers are used to dry forage and food grains, oilseeds and legumes as well as seeds. It should be noted that these dryers have a wide range of models. The capacity of the dryer vary from 3 tph up to 350 tph (take into account that during the drying of wheat the level of moisture decreases from 20% to 15% in one pass). Due to this, it is possible to choose the model that suits your productivity. It should be noted that grain dryer are perfectly suitable for small farms, cereal-receiving points, seed production factories, as well as for large grain traders, ports, elevators etc.


PromInvestService is an exclusive supplier of the GrainTek grain dryers on the territory of Ukraine.



   Grain dryers Tornado are famous for their cost-efficiency. They also have the highest quality of drying; the lifespan is long and they are easy to maintain. This device is suitable for any type of crop. In addition, it is suitable for drying even the dampest products such as sunflower, corn etc.



  • remote control;
  • duct installation with two or three columns of grain for working with small volumes of products and high energy savings;
  • automatic operation of batch drying;
  • good thermal insulation of the hot air chambers, roof and grain shaft;
  • outer covering with galvanized corrugated sheets (you can choose colors);
  • the possibility of regulating the speed of fans through inverters (using the control panel);
  • it has burners that were manufactured by the world famous manufacturer Weishaupt (Germany);
  • it is also has a great ratio of cooling and drying zones, which can be adjusted by means of pneumatic drive that displays the state;
  • the grain shafts and chamber walls are made of galvanized steel sheets, the thickness of which is from 2 mm;
  • excellent and clear control of the grain drying complex or the elevator as a whole from the control panel, which also has a touch screen;
  • using highly-precise control systems, you can track the temperature of the products, with an accuracy of 1 degree, and moisture with an accuracy of 0.1%;
  • you can inspect your equipment remotely using the control panel;
  • regardless of the model and brand of equipment, it is possible to connect the whole grain drying complex to the color display of this grain dryer;
  • in order to remove dust and other dirtiness from the main fan, we use axial-flow dust fans that have an air separator;
  • drying by weight;
  • two-year warranty.


Thermal insultation

   As a rule, the loss of heat of grain dryers that do not have thermal insulation of the hot air supply chamber, as well as the grain shaft is 25-30%. If the hot air supply chamber has thermal insulation, the loss of heat is reduced to 15-20%. It should be noted that condensation can form as a result of not using thermal insulation elements. When using a grain dryer in the cold period of the year, it can freeze up, which will undoubtedly lead to deterioration of working capacity.

    Standard configuration of grain dryers Tornado includes thermal insulation of grain shaft chambers, hot air supply chamber and even a roof. There is also an additional external cladding (galvanized profiled sheet), the color of which you can choose. This can significantly reduce heat losses and minimize them.


We accomplish warranty and post-warranty maintenance of grain dryers Tornado in the territory of Ukraine. Like no one else, we understand all problems of the harvesting period. Our highly qualified specialists are always ready to provide a fast, high quality and reliable service at this busy time.



  • 2010 Royal Highland Exhibition – silver medal.
  • 2011 LAMMA Loven Cup – Mobile dryer Tornado is recognized as the best innovative product.
  • 2011 Royal Highland Exhibition – Certificate of Merit.
  • 2012 LAMMA Maurice High Trophy – the system “drying by mass” is recognized as the best innovative product.
  • 2012 LAMMA Trophy – our system “drying by mass” is recognized as the best in the nomination “The best modernization of the existing product”.
  • 2012 LAMMA – Certificate of Merit- The best product/innovation.
  • 2014 LAMMA – Our portable grain dryer is awarded with a Certificate of Merit in the nomination “Best Product/Innovation”.



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