Color sorting equipment

The international group of companies PromInvestService offers highly accurate color sorting equipment.

The color sorting equipment offered by us are successfully operated by more than 600 enterprises of the CIS countries and the European Union.



  • Highly accurate equipment and professional personnel are involved in the production process.
  • The company has metal working machinery manufactured by the world`s leading manufacturers such as TRUMPF, LISSMAC, HAAS, MECAL.
  • Professional welding equipment manufactured by EWM, robots manufactured by FANUC
  • We share the experiences of creating innovative products with other manufacturers.
  • The suppliers of electronic, optical and pneumatic components are KODAK, TOSHIBA, and CAMOZZI.
  • Each node undergoes mandatory quality control before it becomes part of the separator. This allows us to achieve reliability of the equipment according to the best world standards.
  • Compliance with safety standards is confirmed by the European Certificate of Conformity.


Color sorting is the gentlest method of all automated ways of bulk materials sorting. The product does not undergo mechanical attacks, maintaining its wholeness and excluding damage. Color sorting separators make it possible to obtain a homogenous, 99.9% purified product of the highest quality. An increasing segment of agricultural manufacturers prefer to use color sorting separators, since they make it possible to remove difficult-to-separate impurities and decrease the production costs.




















Separator sorts both food and non-food products. Intuitive software makes it possible to change the settings of the separator in 1 minute. Separator can sort the following products: lentils, amaranth, unhusked peas, buckwheat, flax, oats, pearl barley, corn, sunflower kernel, mustard, wheat, millet, long-grain rice, rapeseed, white sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, phacelia, safflower, soybean, barley, PET flake, crushed ABS plastic, PET granulate, secondary PET granulate and so on.


Separator OPTIMA is an accurate and robust equipment. Innovative developments make it possible to combine high productivity and small size simultaneously. The analysis system is based on CCD cameras, and the newest methods of sorting increase the accuracy of sorting. After purchase, the OPTIMA is plug-and-produce.


Sharp-eyed. Fast. Gentle.

ZORKIY is a separator that meets all the advanced requirements for color sorting equipment and that proved its reliability and profitability. Innovative electronic element base is a breakthrough in the field of video images processing, pneumatic units of a new generation, innovative technologies for metal processing – all these are features of ZORKIY line. Because the CSort has its own production it is also possible to carry out a full production cycle. Also, it makes it possible to introduce new ideas for improving separator functions, performance characteristic and quality of sorting.


For those who strive for the best SmartSort suits perfectly. SmartSort is used to sort a variety of bulk products not only by color, but also by shape, texture.

A number of innovative designs and components with the latest technologies multiplied by years of experience in this field, have made it possible to create a fundamentally new model of a color sorting equipment that is used to sort the most difficult types of products without capacity and efficiency losses.