“TEKOM-Lease”, being the largest leasing company in the south of Ukraine, offers a program for financing agricultural enterprises in cooperation with the international group of companies “PromInvestService”.
Financial leasing is a service that allows you to operate the facility for the period of time specified in the contract (usually from 1 year), paying the facility price by installments that is the pledge of the transaction.
• validity period of 1-3 years (depending on type of the object);
• initial payment – 35% of the price;
• funding currency – hryvnia (UA), dollar (USD), euro
• monthly repayment includes:
– payment for a part of the object price;
– payment for the registration of the object in government bodies;
– insurance of the leasing object for the whole validity period of the contract;
– leasing company commissions.
• object ownership rights can be obtained after lease payments are paid;
• the advance payment of loan and obtaining the ownership rights is possible.


LEASING is an affordable and convenient investment tool:
• you do not have to sign a whole package of documents. Instead of signing pledge contracts, purchase and sale contract as well as object insurance, one financial leasing contract must be signed;
• savings of funds for insurance and object registration – these payments are made by the leasing company that provides lessee with installments for the period of leasing;
• price of the object becomes 8-15% higher (per year of its total cost);
• “transparency” of payments, there are no hidden commissions.


Nowadays, the whole world chooses the leasing of agricultural equipment, not purchasing the facility for its own funds and not taking the bank loan. Having contacted us, clients receive the most effective financial solution for development of the business.