Receiving pit filters

   Receiving pit filters are used to filter out the dust, which is produced during the cereal reception. Such filters are placed on the sides just above the covering grid of the reception pit. This is necessary in order not to interfere with the operation of the pit. Thanks to the assembly system with modules that are two meters in size, we can also assemble continuous intake filters, the dimensions of which vary according to the needs of the elevators.


Operating principle

    Fans with silencer are mounted on all available modules. Such fans take dusty airs, which is retained by the filtering elements. At set delays programmed by an electronic timer, sleeves is blown, after which the dust again enters the reception pit.


 Technical specifications


Technical specifications
Number of sleeves, n0 Diameter of sleeve, mm Length of sleeve, mm Fan, kW Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm
40 125 2250 5,5 2000 800 3600
48 125 2250 5,5 2350 800 3600