Farm Silos

   Silo on the farm is one of the essential elements. Our company offers a wide range of different metal silos.. Our silos are supplied with all the elements that are needed to ensure proper installation and operation. The main difference between silos is the storage capability as well as the position of the holes for unloading. For example, such hole may be located on the side or in the central part from the bottom..



   We supply green pre-lacquered silos, which makes it possible to meet the standards connected with environmental impact. Galvanized sheets have two layers of coating – the outer and the inner layer. These coatings make it possible to increase the protection of sheets from corrosion significantly.

   It should be noted that thanks to the modular design of silo there is no need in welding or painting. Due to the shallow corrugated sheets, we can avoid sticking of products to the walls of the silo, which improves grain storage conditions.

   The reinforced ribbed roof is used during the manufacturing of the silo. Thanks to this, the equipment we provide is highly resistant to various deformations. In addition, a new stairway for silos was developed based on UNE-EN ISO 14122 standards. Thus, you can see that our company maintain all the standards.