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Farmet extruders have different capacities and a variety of applications. Using this extruders, you can form different extrusion lines to achieve the required capacity, which directly depends on the model and the number of pieces used.

The process of extrusion involves mixing the product that undergoes high temperatures and pressure by means of moving along a horizontal screw of a special design, with a push through a hole of small diameter.

Another name for extrusion is “HTST” (High Temperature Short Time), because during the extrusion process the product undergoes the short-term treatment with high temperatures and pressure.

Application of extrusion in feeds production:

  • In order to improve the quality of feed by changing its properties through mechanical and thermal impact.
  • In order to pelletize the feed.

The advantages of extrusion:

    • Mechanical destruction of the product. Small feed is more suitable for normal digestion. After extrusion the product expands, which causes damage to its structure and causes its crushing to a small size. It facilitates digestion, as well as accelerates nutrients intake.
    • Denaturation of protein. Since the product undergoes a short-term heating to a temperature of more than 100оC, protein denaturation occurs, and as a result, the calorie content of the feed increases.
    • Reduction of the content of harmful substances (antinutrients) and toxins. The perfect example is the extrusion of soybean, after which the level of such inhibitors as trypsin and urease is reduced to a safe level.
    • Sterilization. Due to heat treatment, bacteria, mold and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed. Also, the growth of mold stops. As a result, the expiration date of the product increases.
    • Gelatinization of starch. Starch is an important feed ingredient. As the product passes through the extruder, complex carbohydrates containing starch and sugar break down into simple ones, thereby accelerating the digestion process.
    • Homogenization and formation. All feed components are mixed in the extruder. The use of a molding device allows the feed production of various forms (this method is often used when manufacturing pet food). In order the feed to retain its shape given by the molding element, it is necessary to calculate the feed ingredients correctly, as well as to use sufficient amount of astringent substances (starch).



FE 100 FE 250 FE 500 FE 1000 FE 4000
Capacity, kg/h 80-140 200-350 400-700 800-1400 3000-5600
Power consumption without options, kW 15 22 55 110 370
Length, mm 1935 2300 2270 2300 3600
Width, mm 1015 1290 1390 1815 2500
Height, mm 1765 1765 1362 1400 2300
Weight, kg 435 770 1360 1500 3000

The specified data depends on the technology and type of seeds

Soybean extrusion

Soybean extrusion makes it possible to obtain valuable feed ingredient with a low content of anti-nutrients and a high content of by-pass protein.

The soy is valuable because of the protein amount contained in it and it is destroyed during the extrusion process, due to which the feed is easier to digest by all types of farm animals.

Crude soybean Extruded soybean Soybean after extrusion and pressing Soybean meal (after extraction)
Moisture 12% 7% 5% 12%
Fat 21% 21% 7% 2%
Ureasa intensity 2-10 рН 0,02-0,3 рН 0,02-0,3 рН 0,02-0,3 рН
Trypsin inhibitor 75-115 mg/g 2-5 mg/g 2-5 mg/g 2-5 mg/g
Proteins 40 40 43-45 40-48