Drum cleaner

   The PT drum cleaners are used for preliminary cleaning in order to separate cereals from different types of impurities. This types of cleaners is based on the requirements of the directive 2006/42/CE.


Model A, mm B, mm C, mm No. of sieves Diameter, mm Surface of the sieve, м2 Power, kW
PT1000 3800 1104 2065 3 900 7,2 2,2
PT1000/S 4800 1104 2065 4 900 9,6 3
PT1200 4476 1500 2150 3 1250 11,8 4
PT1200/S 5563 1500 2150 4 1250 15,7 4
PT1200/M 5185 1400 2216 4 1200 13,5 4
PT1200/L 6115 1400 2216 5 1200 16,75 5,5
PT1600/M 5340 1920 2591 4 1600 18 5,5
PT1600/L 6255 1920 2591 5 1600 22,5 7,5



    Cereals pass through continuously rotating inclined drum. It is equipped with perforated sheets. Large impurities pass through the cylindrical lattice, after which they go into the hole that is located at the end of the cleaner. As for the pure grain, it passes through the holes in the sieve and passes into a unloading hoppers.

    The number of sieves as well as the diameter of the holes is chosen depending on the product that will be cleaned using this equipment.



    It should be noted that this drum cleaner is made of galvanized steel sheets that is suitable for outdoor installation. Such grain cleaners are equipped with removable doors, which makes it possible to inspect the sieves and change them. In order to separate raw materials into fractions, the cleaner is equipped with separate outlet in each of the sections. As for the drum, it is driven by a gear motor and a belt transmission. It should be noted that you can adjust the inclination of the drum in order to increase or decrease the cleaning capacity.


⚹recommended models for grain with a specific weight of 0.78 t/m3, a pollution of 2% and a moisture of 20%.

⚹⚹recommended models for grain with a specific weight of 0.78 t/m3, a pollution of 2% and a moisture of 14%.

Models and performance can be changed at the request of the customer and depending on the product.


50 PT1000 PAT1000 PT1000 PAT1000
75 PT1000 PAT1000 PT1000 PAT1000
100 PT1000/S PT1200 PT1000/S PT1200 PT1000 PAT1000
120 PT1200/S PAT1200/L PT1000/S PT/1200 PAT2000/M
150 PAT1200/M PAT1600/M PT1200/S PAT1200/L
170 PT1200/S PAT1600/L PT1200/S PAT1200/L
200 PAT1200/L PT1600/M PAT1600/L PT1200/L PAT1600/L
250 PT1600/M PAT1600/L PT1600/M PAT1600/L
300 PT1600/L PT1600/M PT1600/L PAT1600/L