Truck foundationless weighbridge

  • Foundation

The weighbridge is installed without foundation. For adequate operation, it is necessary to install the equipment on a flat, solid surface.

  • Accurate results

The sensors of the weighbridge are equipped with supports that are responsible for the accuracy of the results, if the weighbridge themselves have given a drawdown or their position is deformed. It is these supports that guarantee the maximum accuracy of the results with an error of no more than 0.03%.


  • Easy to install

Foundationless weighbridge is a portable device, so it is possible to transport it to another location in a few hours with a crane.

  • Easy to use

The design of the roadway is designed in such a way as to protect the truck from slippage. The surface of this part has a thick metal ridged coating.

  • Adjustment

The weighbridges are adjusted by kilograms. If required, you can calibrate the device. To do this, you will need special calibration tools as well as the presence of the customer and the State verification service.

  • Computer connection

The data, received from the weighbridge, can be captured and put on a screen, that is easily connected to a weighing bridge. The information is displayed both on the monitor and on the screen. The computer interacts with the software of the weighbridge through the program 1C Accounting. If there is a need for the customer, then individual software can be developed for specific needs.

Software maintenance is performed both during the warranty period and after its expiration.

  • Components of the weighbridge

The set includes three platforms for trucks and a processor with a display, where the results and other information are displayed.

Pillar is connected to the sensors that are mounted in it. The weight processor is connected to these sensors near the platform. Thus, the operator can fully observe the situation during weighing.


Electronics capabilities::

  • the results are put on the screen;
  • each sensor can be tested with a special multi-channel system;
  • monitoring of the working capacity of equipment;
  • displaying the results of the tests;
  • it is possible to operate weighbridge using software at a distance of up to 500 meters;
  • adjustment of sensor errors;
  • after automatic internal diagnosis, information about errors and breakdowns is displayed on a screen;
  • it is possible to connect additional position sensors;
  • double connection – display and computer;
  • eighbridge processor is powered by 12 V or 24 V battery;
  • sensors are made of stainless steel.


Technical specifications
Parameters Value
Accuracy class according to DSTU EN45501 Average
Scale capacity (highest weighing limit), t 60
Scale capacity (lowest weighing limit), t 0,5
Readability (dd) and measuring sensitivity (е), kg 20
Maximum permissible error in the initial check, kg
load range from 20 e to 500 e inclusive ±0,5 e / ±1 e
from 500 е to 2000 е inclusive ±1 е / ±2 е
from 2000 е ±1,5 е / ±3 е
Operating temperature range, 0C:
Load carrier from -300C to +450C
Scale indicators from +100C to +450C
Supply voltage:
AC mains, V; frequency Hz 220 (+22; -33); 50 ± 1
DC power supply, V 12/28
Length of load platform, m 18
Width of load platform, m 3
Height of load platform, m 0,32