Hydraulic side truck dumper VODOLEY

    Hydraulic side truck dumper is used to unload cereals, its derivative products and other bulk materials through the sideboard of the truck. It is suitable for ordinary trucks and road trains, the weight of which does not exceed 80 tons.




Performance, tph 440
Weight-carrying capacity up to, t 60…80
Inclination angle of the platform up to, 0 38
Platform inclination time, sec 60
Platform dropping time, sec 30
Drive hydraulic
Motor 18.5 kW, 1500 rpm (rotations per minute) – АIR160M4
Number of hydraulic lifts, pcs 2…4
Cylinder diameter, mm 140
Cylinder stem diameter, mm 80
Cylinder stroke, mm 800
Nominal pressure, МPа 16 (160)
Drive control type electrical, remote
Rated voltage in the power circuit, V

Rated voltage in the control circuit, V 220
Length, mm 9000/14000/16000/18000/20000/22000/24000
Width, mm 2780
Height, mm 2800
Weight, kg 5200/6280/7000/7730/8450/14000