Frameless hangars

   For the first time the word “hangar” appeared in the works of the XX century. The word hangar comes from French and it means enclosure. Earlier, hangars were used to hold different aircrafts. After the First World War began the rapid development of the machinery. Due to this, hangars became widespread throughout the whole Western Europe.


Advantages of our hangars design

   Today, hangars are prefabricated, quickly erectable, multifunctional constructions. These structures are often used for industrial and agricultural purposes. Over the past twenty years, hangars are considered the leaders among reinforced concrete structures. Frameless hangars are relatively cheap, which is undoubtedly an advantage. In addition, this structure is quickly erectable with high strength and durability. These structures are also highly resistant to the environment and you can always change the design after the construction is installed.

   The design of frameless hangars makes it possible to build this structure right on your site just within several days. As a rule, having the foundation already built, the hangar (1000 m2) is erected within seven or ten days.


The main advantages:

    • Low price – frameless hangars are almost twice as much cheaper than framed ones.
    • Durability – the lifespan of such structures can be up to 30 years and even more.
    • This structure does not leak, which is due to its unique design.
    • These structures do not need maintenance.


Why you should cooperate with us

   Our company offers services for the construction of hangars. It should be noted that this structure could be used not only as a parking lot for different aircrafts and other machines, but also as storage warehouses, which is quite an important point. Our company will provide you with the structure in the shortest possible time and we guarantee its high quality and durability. Our company provides an individual approach to every customer and therefore we are ready to listen to all ideas related to the design of this facility.