Dough testing device EXTENSOGRAPH

Extensograph is one of the types of dough analyzers that is used to measure such parameters as dough elongation. These parameters can be measured at different periods of dough fermentation. Flour properties are completely dependent on the dough resistance and elongation. The quality of bakery products depends on these properties as well. That is why it is necessary to perform accurate tests. Resistance and elongation depend on the fermentation itself – during this process, the dough retains carbon dioxide. All these properties and parameters are mandatory to be tested for bakery production, especially during the quality control of raw materials as well as the use of various additives and oxidants. These parameters also help to use the additives properly to get the needed consistency and dough characteristics. The principle of operation of the device is testing all dough samples. The weight of each sample is 150 grams. When the dough sample is placed in the device, this piece of dough is stretched during its proofing. The extensibility test is performed at the 45th, 90th, and 135th minutes.
To operate the analyzer and hooks, the touch screen is used. The software automatically performs all calculations and produces ready-made diagrams, which can then be saved.


  • easy to use;
  • stepper motor;
  • operation is performed via touch screen;
  • testing for required dough baking properties;
  • extensibility test;
  • long lasting tests, which make it possible to perform more detailed tests at different stages of fermentation;;
  • the ability to save data in PDF;
  • the Internet connection;
  • multilingual menu;
  • the ability to define the effect of additives on the dough.


Parameters that can be analyzed by the dough testing device:

  • Resistance of 5th minute.
  • Maximum resistance – maximum value that can be seen on the curve.
  • Elasticity is measured in millimeters. This parameter represents the total length of the curve on the diagram. The degree of stretching is tested from the beginning of the stretching until the dough is cut off. .

Ratio of resistance and elongation.


Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 650x550x1100
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 130
Speed of dough shaping unit 83 ± 3 min-1
Speed of dough rolling unit 15 ± 1 min-1
Speed of stretching hook 14.5 ± 0.5 mm/s