Sedimentation device

The sedimentation device is used to analyze such parameters of wheat and flour as quantity and quality of protein contained in raw material. The results of the analysis makes it possible to determine whether there are any damaged raw material and and what is the extent of the damage. If wheat is damaged, pests affect the proteinization and as the result, there is less protein.

The analysis takes only five minutes, during which sample is shaken about 40 times per minute. The design of the device makes it possible to perform six simultaneous analysis, which speeds up the work significantly. In addition, you can perform both sedimentation test and modified sedimentation test. The device is equipped with a touchscreen, which makes it easier to operate the device. Basic information about the progress of the analysis, time, temperature and number of shakes is displayed on a touchscreen.

Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 350x250x440
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 14