Grain impurities analyzer Grain Cleaner

     Grain Cleaner “Grain Cleaner” is a fully automatic device that estimates the amount of weed and grain impurities in grain. Since this parameter is essential for any enterprise in the agro-industrial sector, modern grain elevators, grain reception centers and mills, they pay extra attention to it during the reception and estimation of grain.
The main feature of grain cleaner “Grain Cleaner” is the innovative technologies that make the process fully automated. Operator only loads the product into the funnel, waits until the “Grain Cleaner” finishes estimation of the grain and displays the result on receipts, printed on the printer.
Operaing principles of the grain cleaner:
     Grain is loaded into the filling hopper of the grain cleaner. Than grain is weighed using a special sieve, which is chosen depending on the type of the product (wheat, corn, oats, soybeans, sunflower, rice etc.). Then grain passes through the air stream, which separates the light impurities. Finally, the final weighing of pure product is carried out.

1 – Thermal printer

2 – Transport handles

3 – Display, keyboard

4 – Door for sieve replacement

5 – Fan for product purification

6 – Container for purified product

7 – Container for impurities

8 – Plug with power button

9 – LED lamp

10 – Sieve for different products

11 – Transport handle

12 – Input hopper with built-in scales


    Advantages of the Grain Cleaner:

– There is no possibility of operator error, involved in a fully automated process.

– It saves time significantly as well as makes the process of laboratory analysis much faster – a full cycle of sample analysis takes no more than 1 min.

– It is possible to work with any crops: wheat or barley, rape or maize.

– Easy replacement of the sieve. It takes only 10 seconds to replace the sieve for another type of crop, which is going to be analyzed.

– The device does not depend on the moisture and temperature of the sample as well as the results do not depend on human factor.