Laboratory separator “Grain Cleaner”

Grain Cleaner is a fully automatic instrument designed to separate impurities in a laboratory environment. The main feature of this grain cleaner is innovative technologies that make the process fully automatic. The participation of the operator is reduced only to loading the product into the hopper, and waiting until the sample goes through the cleaning process.
The operation principle of the Grain Cleaner:

First, the product is weighed and poured into the top inlet of the device. Then the product is fed to a sieve for cleaning (selected depending on the type of product: wheat, corn, oats, soy, sunflower, rice, etc.). Further, a stream of air passes through the product, which allows you to separate light impurities.

Scope of supply:

1 – Thermal printerbd7887a50c

2 – Handles for transportation

3 – Display, keyboard

4 – Door to replace the sieve

5 – Fan for cleaning the product

6 – Box for clean product

7 – Box for impurities

8 – Plug with power button

9 – LED lamp

10 – Product sieve

11 – Handle for transportation

12 – Loading hopper and integrated scales



Advantages of the Grain Cleaner:

  • The absence of the influence of the human factor on the operation of the equipment, since the process is fully automated.
  • Ability to work with any crops: whether it is wheat or barley, rapeseed or corn.
  • A quick transition from working with one crop to another crop. To do this, it is only necessary to replace the sieve, which takes no more than 10 seconds.
  • The device works equally stable regardless of the moisture and temperature of the sample.