Gluten index device

The device is used to measure the gluten index. The quality of the flour depends on this index. Firstly, the process of gluten washing goes, after which the wet sample is placed in a separate container with special sieves. There, the sample is squeezed out at a high speed of 6000 rpm. The rotating lasts one minute. Those particles that have filtered through the sieve and those that are left inside are weighed. And the particles remaining in the sieve are weighed separately. Gluten index is the difference between the initial fraction of gluten and the fraction remaining in the sieve.

There is an integrated microprocessor and a touchscreen. Using the touchscreen, you can operate the device as well as set the duration of batching and washing. All the necessary information about time, temperature and other things is displayed.

The components of the device:

  • lid with blocking;
  • touchscreen;
  • motor.
Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 260x320x220
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 14