Flour testing device FARINOGRAPH

The flour testing device is used for accurate analysis of flour quality used for baking purposes. In addition, this device allows you to learn all about the rheological properties of both raw materials and dough even at the stage of kneading. This is crucial data, because not only the taste, but also the safety of the bakery products depend on the quality of the raw materials. Another parameter that can be tested is the resistance of the dough against the mixing arms.

All this information is important for bakery production. It is measured by the device with the built-in computer and special software. All the data is recorded and necessary information can be displayed on the screen or stored for later use.

Advantages of the flour testing device:

  • easy and clear operation;
  • embedded software;
  • the ability to store information on a computer;
  • the Internet connection;
  • regular software update;
  • well-thought-out protection;
  • the ability to analyze the rheological properties of the flour.




  • Water absorption capacity (%).
  • Dough development time (minutes).

Time that is needed to get smooth paste – the parameter is measured in minutes and gives the information about how much time passes after the water is added and until the dough becomes smooth;

  • Dough stability (minutes).

The parameter is measured in minutes and defines the time needed;

  • Softening degree (10th, 12th, 20th) (В.U.).
  • Flour quality coefficient.
  • Permissible deviation during kneading.

Possible deviation parameter during kneading – the information is given 5 minutes later the maximum consistency is obtained.

Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 360x650x490
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 115
Mixer 300 g – standard, 50 g – optional