Damaged starch analyzer

Damaged starch analyzer works according to the amperometric method. It means that damaged starch is analyzed according to amperometric method. The device can reveal iodine, which was absorbed by starch. To do this, a special sensor is built into the analyzer. To get accurate data, the device only needs 1 gram of flour. It takes no more than 7 minutes to perform the test. The final data is displayed as a percentage. A large amount of absorbed iodine indicates damage of starch.


applications of this device

  • flour quality control;
  • control the settings of the rollers in the mill;
  • identification the water absorption capacity and improving dough;
  • adjusting the dough stickiness;
  • optimize the storage time of the final goods.


Advantages of the analyzer

  • easy to use;
  • fast analysis (less than 10 minutes);
  • accurate results;
  • fully automatic operation;
  • amperometriс method;
  • no addition of enzyme;
  • less space needed;
  • operation is performed via touchscreen.
Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm 350x400x280
Power supply 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Weight, kg 12