Grain Analyzer Alphatec FNo provides a modern way to perform falling number analysis. This test is performed to analyze sprouting damage in grain as well as enzyme activity in flour, before using them for production purposes.


Samples Parameters
Wheat, rye, barley, sorgo, flour and any other samples that can be tested using the falling number analysis and according to international standards. Damaged grain, alpha-amylase, related enzyme activity and starch properties in grain and flour.


      Alphatec FNo provides an innovative and absolutely safe way of performing the standard tests, which allow to analyze alpha-amylase and enzyme activity in grain and flour.



    Based on vast FOSS experiences in automation of laboratory analysis, the Alphatec FNo is equipped with a cooling lid that minimizes steam leakage during sample and makes it possible to avoid potential injuries. In addition, insulated sample bath makes it possible to avoid hot surfaces and significantly reduces risk to get burnt accidentally. Emptying directly into the waste makes it possible to avoid any contact with hot water.



    A conventional falling number analysis is crucial for estimating the value of grain crops. This test is based on alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains. This allows to estimate the amount of sprouting damaged grain. The results of this teat are also very important for optimizing flour enzyme activity to ensure final product quality of bakery products.


Анализатор зерна Alphatec FNo


Technical specifications

Alphatec FNo

Characteristic Description
Dimensions (W x D x H) 350 x 260 x 507 mm
Weight 18 kg
Power 1200 W
Water supply Connect to water tap or FOSS Cooler unit
>0.4 l/min, <30 °C, <0.5 MPа
Altitude Up to 3000 m
Operating temperature Indoor use, +5…+40 °C
Certificates Manufactured in compliance with AACC No. 56-81.03, ISO/DIS 3093 (2009)


Alphatec Cooler

Characteristic Description
Dimensions (W x D x H) 360 x 260 x 370 mm
Weight 6 kg
Power supply 100-240V AC 50-60 Hz
Altitude Up to 3000 m
Operating temperature Indoor use, +5…+40 °C
Water recirculation capacity 0.4 l/min